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The Irish Lottery was established in 1988.

The size of the Jackpot is determined by

the number of people who participate in each draw but

there is a guaranteed minimum of 2 Million Euros,

(Approximately 1.4 Million stg) and roll-overs

regularly take the jackpot pool to 3, 4 and upwards of 15 million euros.

The jackpot is won by matching the six numbers drawn on Irish TV

every Wednesday and Saturday at 8pm. If it is not won, the jackpot

rolls over to the next drawing.

The chances of winning the Irish Lottery are much more favorable

than many other lotteries because the Irish Lottery is a 6/47 draw.

Back in the days when no one knew who or what the Internet was,

we pioneered the practice of posting winning lottery numbers

on a thing called a website, and innovated further

by sending results to folks by electronic mail.

Beware of copycats!



Good Luck!

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