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The Irish Lottery was established in 1988 and has become the

most popular lottery in Europe. The size of the Jackpot is

determined by the number of people who participate in each draw but

there is a guaranteed minimum of 2 Million Euros,

(Approximately 1.4 Million stg) and roll-overs

regularly take the jackpot pool to 3, 4 and up to 10 million euros.

The jackpot is won by matching the six numbers drawn on Irish TV

every Wednesday and Saturday at 8pm. If it is not won, the jackpot

rolls over to the next drawing.

The chances of winning the Irish Lottery are much more favorable

than many other lotteries because the Irish Lottery is a 6/45 draw unlike most

which are 6/49 games.

The Jackpot Payout in the Irish Lottery is a tax-free lump sum.



*Lysa's Award Winning Service*

*Lysa* provides a highly popular and efficient non-profit making

mail order facility for the Irish Lottery.

We have brought the Luck of the Irish to many parts of the globe.

Our track record is built on providing our members with a reliable

and efficient service. Our success in achieving this is suggested

by the high rate at which our members renew their orders.

Part of your membership charge is used to defray our expenses,

and part of it is used to purchase communal entries in each draw

so that what YOUR tickets win is YOUR OWN, but if a communal

ticket hits the jackpot, the proceeds are divided equally among

all of our members subscribed for that particular draw.

Our service is a confidential one, and your details will not be shared

with third party marketing organizations.

Many of our members have never been to Ireland but have

shared an occasional Irish dream not to mention an occasional Irish pint!




Number Selection

Based on the experience of people who win, it is advisable to select

your numbers at random, and, once your numbers have been chosen,

you should then stick to them in each successive draw.

If your numbers do not win in one draw, statistically, there is a greater

chance they will win in the future. In other words, the value of

each set of six numbers, increases every time they are played.

Proceeds of the Irish State Lottery are channelled into worthy causes in the area of

Education, Health, Sport, and the Arts.


Other Prizes

You can also win substantial amounts by matching:

5 Numbers Plus the Bonus = 25,000 euros = 17,000 stg Approx.

5 Numbers - 250-1270 euros = 158 - 790 stg Approx.

4 Numbers Plus the Bonus = 100-127 euros = 70 -89stg Approx.

4 Numbers - 25-76 euros = 16-48 stg Approx.

3 Numbers Plus the Bonus Number = 15- 25 euros = 10-18 stg Approx.

3 Numbers = 5 euros = 3.5 stg Approx.

NB: Winning tickets must be cashed within 90 Days.



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